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Metadata Editing

Bridge provides a basic editor for metadata properties to create ISO19139 metadata records. The purpose of this editor is to easily complete a minimal subset of required metadata elements:

  • Title
  • Description (abstract)
  • ISO topic category
  • Metadata contact
  • Data contact
  • License
  • Fees
  • Metadata language

Metadata default properties


When the metadata is published to GeoNetwork Opensource catalog, the values introduced in these fields and the fields filled in the ArcCatalog® metadata editor are used to create an ISO-19139 compliant metadata record.


The Premium version provides support for the following metadata profiles:

  • Dutch Geography v1.2

Metadata profile selection



For the INSPIRE profile two additional panels are provided to edit metadata properties:

INSPIRE properties


Temporal properties


Dutch Geography v1.2

For the Dutch Geography v1.2 profile two additional panels are provided to edit metadata properties:

Dutch Geography 1.2


Metadata Temporal properties


Metadata preview

To show a preview of the metadata of the selected layer, click on images_eng/preview_metadata_button.png:

Metadata preview


If the data has been published to the server(s), there is corresponding link to view the data in a web browser.

Metadata validation

Bridge Premium supports schematron validation for the supported profiles. Schematron validation checks the content of the metadata file for required properties of the selected metadata profile. To perform metadata validation on a layer metadata, click on images_eng/checkmark.png:

A report is shown with the validation results.

Metadata schematron validation